Tips to Help New Moms Keep the Ants Away

As a new mom, you have enough to worry about in regards to providing adequate care for your baby that even the thought of having to fight to keep the ants away from your home is probably too much for you to bear. Unfortunately, not thinking about an ant problem isn’t enough to either prevent or get rid of ants. So instead of ignoring a potentially large ant problem, try to do something about it now with the following tips.Tips to Help New Moms Keep the Ants Away

Clean Up Frequently

Babies drink a lot of milk initially, and milk is a sweet carbohydrate that’s prone to attract plenty of ants. Therefore, it’s essential for you to clean up and store away milk bottles promptly after usage. Also, believe it or not, your baby’s spit up can be appetizing to ants. Hence, you’ll want to clean up the aftermath of a messy spit up situation as soon as possible. That means doing laundry frequently and throwing all of the dirty bibs and burp clothes into the wash.

Sanitize Often

Milk and spit up don’t just land on clothes and burp clothes. They also end up on the floor and furniture as well. When that inevitably happens, you need to quickly wipe up and sanitize the area to avoid attracting ants. Since there’s now a baby in the house, you’ll want to stay away from harsh chemicals and stick with a vinegar and water mixture instead.

If even with following all the tips above, you still find yourself with ants at home, be sure to contact us for additional assistance.

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